Standing Up for Health Freedom

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Bad legislation such as #AB1993 has frequently been passed in our state legislature. You have a chance to speak out to your state legislators such as the following:


Chris Holden (San Dimas/La Verne)

Blanca Rubio (El Monte/Baldwin Park/Covina/Azuza/Portion of West Covina)

Freddie Rodriguez (Chino/Ontario/Montclair/Pomona)

State Senate

Anthony Portiano (San Dimas/La Verne)

Susan Rubio El Monte/Baldwin Park/Covina/Azuza/Portion of West Covina

Josh Newman (Portion of West Covina)

Connie Leyva (Chino/Ontario/Montclair/Pomona)

With Omnicron variant the vaccine’s effectiveness has been reduced and the vaccine has been questioned for safety purposes due to a number of people getting heart and neurological issues. Many have taken the vaccine, including myself where I presently could go to any indoor concert in Los Angeles County. However people including the ones who have the required jabs would like to vaccinate on their own schedule not the schedule of government. I got the second jab in May 2021 and wanted to wait a year before getting the third.

Unfortunately the state and certain counties want us to get it NOW, but some of us are just rather cautious.

Some people have got adverse reactions to the covid-19 vaccine and a good number of state legislators could care less that one was previously injured and would rather have people risk more danger and possibility their lives. Just as how Senator Pan could care less if a child was injured by the childhood vaccination schedule and he and his pharmaceutical friends want the child and their parents to keep on trucking thru the mandates.