The Beginning of a Movement

What has happened in 2022 and 2023 has led to a movement to change the party for the better in 2025-2029.

There are articles that I helped write or contributed to that could help tell more of the story.

SB County Party On The Danger of Losing its Edge

Compared to Orange and San Diego Counties, the county party is on autopilot and we can do better than this.

Membership Not Happy About Local Leaders Endorsing Democrats

One of the elected Jesse Armendarez that received a huge chunk of donations from the county party decided to endorse a Democrat for State Assembly when it is being contested by Republican Nick Wilson of Chino.

You are also invited to check the financials from 2022 and 2023 from the federal government and the state government as well.

The Campaign Is a Team

This campaign is not just about getting myself on the county party committee, it is also about getting other likeminded people on the county party. There are party nominees who also earn a seat on the committee in all districts that have San Bernardino County in it and the supervisorial district candidates as well. We all may have different opinions, but we are for bringing integrity back to our county party. There will be a listing of all allied ballot qualified candidates that will be advertised on our slate.

Campaign for County Party Committee

Hello voters of San Bernardino County who reside in the 4th Supervisorial District. You have an opportunity to select six people who reside in the area to represent our party on its regional governing board. I have been an active participant in the activities of our county party since 2014 and would like the opportunity to be elected by the party voters of our community.

I have run two major campaigns to offer voters a Republican choice, not a watered down not as toxic Democrat for State Senate in 2014 and 2018. I have helped pass some transparency in the California Republican Party in 2021.

I am here to be a regular attendee of the meetings of the organization, make sure that we recruit and encourage our candidates who run for office as proud registered Republicans.

I would like to request those we endorse to answer a simple questionnaire that we used to do in the past and ask basic questions about their campaign, political philosophy and whether they are willing to be team players for our ticket.

Our bylaws should mean something, bylaws should not just be only suggestions. If we have policies, we should enforce those policies. If people are supposed to pay dues, they need to be paying those dues or be current on a payment plan.