Campaign for County Party Committee

If a sizable number of members are having a tough time paying those dues, then we need to tactfully readjust our fee structure. Give members a choice between yearly at a slight discount and monthly payment options. Students and retired people should have other options where they can pay under sixty dollars and have a volunteer commitment at the same time.

If members are asking for an endorsement for a position that is 2 years or less, they need a pledge of loyalty for the last 3 years, and if it’s a term of 4 years or more, then they need a pledge of loyalty for the last 5 years.

Our party is a symphony, we must work together to get things done. Even if we are not the dominant faction teamwork is needed. If we want volunteers and donations working together is highly recommended. I support constructive leadership and opposition. The worst Republican is usually better than most Democrats that serve our state.

Asking businesses and organizations for money is one thing, but events are necessary for us to be flush to improve issue advocacy, get out the vote and engagement with the activists. This is the main reason the Orange County Party is flush with a healthy amount of cash.

Just because the redistricting lines of 2021 look like garbage, does not mean we need to surrender the fight. We must take the ideological battle to the people.

I hope to earn your vote this March. So we can make San Bernardino County a shining star in Southern California.

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