Why We Need New Leadership

By now many people in our county in particular District 2 of San Bernardino County are getting mailers saying that the Chairman’s faction is doing a respectable job, and we should vote for him and his six compatriots.

However, it can be shown that San Bernardino County Republican Party is poorly managed.

  • We are in debt for over 24 thousand dollars and no active plan as of writing of how to repay our chairman back.
  • Questionable endorsements of local officials who have endorsed Democrats for state legislature when we have a Republican in Assembly District 53 running in the March 2024 election.
  • Chairman actively supports Democrats in his personal PAC against Republicans running for these offices.
  • County Party uses its own money to attack fellow Republicans in Republican v Republican general election races.
  • After paying for these attack ads, we ran out of money to get out the vote programs for the rest of our ticket.
  • Fired key staff weeks before General Election 2022 ended.

To conclude, Special Interests are buying out the party to get their way while the party suffers. They buy their way with attack mailers while our treasury runs dry. Imagine what the almost 40 thousand dollars used to defend the chairman’s fifedom could have done for our party with voter registration, get out the vote and other operations.

If you are fed up of this dog and pony show, please vote for these candidates for District 2:

Mary Heil, Robert Fekay, Agnes Gibboney, Mark Gibboney, Luis Cetina, Catherine Lara, Malene Lee

District 4: Please vote for Carol Houghton, Jeff Holle, Toni Holle, Matthew Munson and Robert Tormey.

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