MVP For the Democrats Chairman Cothran.

Phil Cothran Sr and his staffer Danielle Holley are political opportunists. They claim to be conservatives, but they pander to Democrats instead of wanting to advance the Republican Party. Phil’s personal political action committee is called the “Inland Empire Business Alliance” and when Phil became chairman of the county party he gave control of it to his staffer Danielle Holley, but after the controversy of the mailers in the 2nd District Supervisor race in 2022 and other advertisements he switched control back to himself. Phil proudly proclaims that he has the fiscal acumen to raise money, but he treats the county party just as badly as his personal PACS where there are loans that are still unpaid for 23k to Phil as of the January SBGOP FPPC Report.

Trying to scare Democrats about the abortion issue with the grassroots choice Luis Cetina when the Republican Party does not normally promote abortion rights and even most of the moderates in the party would want some restrictions such as a 15-week rule like the Governor of Virgina Glenn Youngkin wanted to advocate. Abortion rights are not much of an issue in the county compared to state legislature or congress.

The San Bernardino County Republican Party is underfunded where the grassroots could care less about donating to a party headed by the current chairman. Other county Republican Parties have a better fiscal picture than our group right now. Kern, Riverside, Orange, you name it, they have a better situation than us. The fiscal information is based on recent state reports.

County PartyCash On Hand
San Bernardino1,714.00
Fundraising data from recent 460 Reports / FPPC

I want Phil Cothran Sr to be paid off so we can start a new period of leadership without him. He told me it is none of our business about the debts we owe to him, but as a registered Republican and at a time an alternate to the county party it is our business.

We need to change our bylaws to make it where Republican on Republican general elections would have more difficult criteria for endorsements. 2/3rds quorum AND 75% vote threshold for an endorsement with 2 weeks’ notice to the membership.

Agnes dropped this off at one of the meetings at the end of 2022 to show how unethical Phil is.

We have critical races in San Bernardino County, from State Senate Districts 19 and 23. Assembly District 47 and even county supervisor races where district 3 might lead to a runoff. We are making the job easy for Democrats in our county and our state due to how things have been bungled.

Fratricide is the biggest reason many do not trust the leadership of SBGOP.

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