Selling the Argument

What does the county party do?

We are the organizational body that raises money to get out the vote, educate voters about legislation and candidates, recruit candidates to run for office when we do not have potential candidates running for office on their own, we endorse candidates and ballot measures.

We have favorable campaign finance treatment which makes this organization a vital group for fundraising and that is why developers are looking to buy off the committee so our seal of approval can rubber stamp their choices.

What have we failed to do in the last two years?

We failed to meet regularly in 2023 when in the summertime we took two months off. We had a very divisive county supervisor race which divided the party where the grassroots are not going to open their wallets. We went broke in the November 2022 election where we had to lay off two staffers before the election ended because we sold the store just to get the chairman’s pick for county supervisor.

The chairman says he can raise the money, but where is the money? He has a nexus of political action committees even several where he is not a direct principal officer of. It is even embarrassing when Los Angeles County Republican Party which has been more dysfunctional than the San Bernardino County Party ending up hosting fundraisers now to pay for the costly election related activities. When I saw that Los Angeles County had a fundraiser with James O’Keefe, it enraged me to write a long article in the San Bernardino Sentinel about the disappointing state of our county party.

We need to grow the party by asking NPP voters who used to be Republican to come back home as what Orange County is doing right now. We need to return to having social mixers bi-monthly in various parts of the county. We need to have an action segment at each major county party meeting where each supervisorial district would work towards its own programming and other efforts to accomplish as what the previous chair did during our meetings.

We gave the incumbent chairman an opportunity to change from the issues that are making our party fall behind on such as the money we owe him. It is our concern and our business that we owe you this money. We want you to be paid off as soon as possible so we do not have to worry about that fiscal obligation. If you want to carry 20k loans in your personal political action committee, you be you.

People right now are being subletted as staffers by the chairman where they work part time on party activities, but we need party staffers that work full time on party business. We will get numerous phone calls in the general election from confused voters who need guidance as what happened in 2020 and 2022.

I desire for the next generation of leadership to be more responsive to the electorate and the activists of our county. We must work together as a team no matter what happens after March 5th of 2024. After this election we should not be focusing on purges or grudges and try to have some sort of unity. We should be fighting the ideas of people like Eloise Reyes instead.

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