Time to Promote Republicans NOT Democrats

We need to start promoting Republicans and stop supporting local elected officials who support Democrats for partisan office. This is the reason we have no pull for major political races in our county.

As what was reported in the San Bernardino County Sentinel back in September is happening again where Phil Cothran Sr’s Political Action Committee also ran with his political assistant Danielle Holley. There is a 2700-dollar expenditure for signs for James Ramos styled Democrat Adam Perez and there is a 2700-dollar mailer for Rudy Zuniga, who endorsed Democrat Michelle Rodriguez instead of being neutral or supporting Republican Nick Wilson.

Compared to Phil, the previous chair gave a care about running Republicans in all the districts of our county where we have influence. We are running to challenge the status quo because we want to be an actual organization fighting to elect Republicans instead of local leaders who kneecap our state and federal candidates such as Curt Hagman, Alan Wapner, Rudy Zuniga and Jesse Armendarez. There should be no need to fight for the least toxic Democrat and start running Republicans.

If you live in the 2nd Supervisorial District please vote for Mark and Agnes Gibboney, Mary Heil, Robert Fekay, Luis Cetina, Malene Lee and Catherine Sage-Lara. We need a party that stands up for electing Republicans instead of just being a chamber of commerce proxy organization where the chairman has a deep influence in the Fontana Chamber of Commerce.

If you live in the 4th Supervisoral District then vote for Matthew Munson, Toni Holle, Jeff Holle, Carol Houghton, Robert Tormey.

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