No Time to Go Backwards

A leading former state legislator said the reform team is just here for the “infighting”, we are not here for infighting. We are here to improve our party. We are going backwards as a party where we are fighting for the best non-toxic Democrat instead of running Republicans for AD 50 and even though we have a Republican candidate for AD 53, two registered Republican County supervisors who received aid and help from our county party end up wanting to support the son of our local congresswoman Norma Torres.

We want a party with a spine, we want a party with a soul that has conviction. We are tired of our county slipping away to become a carbon copy of Los Angeles County. San Diego County went very blue where San Diego City has no Republican council members, and the Board of Supervisors is 3-2 Democratic Party leaning although its non-partisan.

We want a party that raises money independently from the chairman. We are tired of being treated like a battered spouse who lacks independence from its controlling partner. Since the chairman does not want to collaborate to make the party better and tries to belittle the minority faction, we want to take control to make sure we can make the party better.

We want a party that meets regularly at least eleven times a year. We should not go dark especially when campaigns are always around the corner. We may even have a special election in 2025 and potential recalls to worry about.

Our basic financial picture should not be a state secret. Obviously, it will be disclosed eventually to the FPPC and FEC, but the public and political observers will eventually find out the story that has been happening for the last year and a half.

We want a party that people can be proud of, where people will want to stay in California to fight the good fight against the insane politicians who are making the Golden State the Rusted State. People who can afford to leave are fleeing, which leads to fewer supporters of our party and makes our mission more difficult.

We should not try our hardest to be the Joe Baca Sr. Democrat Club, but Joe Baca sadly has more integrity than most of the Republicans who try to appease the Democrats in our county.

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