Bylaws are NOT Suggestions

When the county party is re-organized in 2025, new bylaws are proposed, or the previous bylaws are kept. Right now, we have a structural problem in the San Bernardino County Republican Party since Curt Hagman took it over back in 2013. We need to follow our bylaws, or we need to scrap the language so we can be consistent.

Our mission is to do things properly if we want to be an organization with integrity and stability. If we have rules about attendance, then the rules need to be followed. If we have rules against endorsing Democrats in contested elections, then that should be followed as well. If we have rules about paying our dues before voting on endorsements and policies, then that should be followed too.

Members even back in 2015 knew stuff was fishy no matter if Curt, Jan, or Phil Sr. led our party. Policies should not be selectively enforced where individuals from the minority faction get targeted when the majority faction may have violated rules as well. The rules need to be followed or they are just toilet paper.

I would like to see issues about our bylaws addressed before our organizational meeting in public where all alternates, members and ex-officio members would have an opportunity to have their say. The carpet indeed must match the drapes. We want an organization that we can be proud of. We should run with higher standards so we can avoid legal issues and people can have confidence in what we stand for.

I don’t want to return to the days when law enforcement wanted to investigate our county party.

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