I have little to no tolerance for bullies of any kind. No matter if it’s the bullies in high school who made my life hell where I had to question my path walking to and from school and from one class to another in fear of my safety. Or the bullies that dominate in present day time from Senator Leyva who wanted to slaughter an extremely low budget candidate in a mailer when her race was already settled during my first race in 2014 to our current chairman who thinks the people who disagree with him are a joke.

I am not here for the laughs or to be belittled, I am here to bring back integrity to the San Bernardino County Republican Party. I want us to be fighting for us to get Republican legislators elected and not to surrender a district to a least toxic Democrat, when the least toxic Democrat will vote for a speaker or State Senate leader who will appoint disgusting committee chairs who will promote legislation to make California more dangerous and expensive to live in. I want a county party where we can unite the factions to make sure we have shared ownership in the organization. I do not believe in throwing the incumbent chairman and his buddies off the cliff like what Los Angeles County did when they reclaimed control of their party in 2014 and had a perpetual grudge against me because I supported the reformers who wanted to change their county party. If we are here to work together there should be no reason to throw individuals off the organization.

We should not be the Jerry Springer Show equivalent during our meetings. Even if leadership may not agree with the ideas of the reform faction, there is a way to be classy and never trashy. When the Chair, 1st and 2nd vice chairs did not show up, one of the recent meetings became chaotic which led to more bad blood. Condescending actions from the Secretary led to even more negativity two months later during another meeting. We need to operate like the Speaker of the British House of Commons where if you argue your points respectfully you get your time to discuss the issues at hand.

The health of our organization is a critical concern. People want the bills paid; people want collaboration. Yes, we need collaboration within the grassroots groups that make up our party. Executive board leaders need to attend at least one or two grassroots meetings each month so they can read the pulse of the community. Our organization needs to be an organization that is for the whole and not the elite such as people who want to pay off legislators to get projects approved.

I believe in doing what is right for the stakeholders involved. I want us to be a model county party that has an improved status within the county parties of the California Republican Party.

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