Covered California With Stress

I am so frustrated by Covered California. I wish it was easier to navigate the hoops of the “Unaffordable Care Act”. Because I lost my job that I held for over 3 years and 10 months, I felt that I would likely need to apply for Medi-Cal.

Finding a job is sometimes like prospecting for gold, you might get a job the next day or it may take several months. Unfortunately, I found a job two weeks after I applied for Medi-Cal which wrecked my data in my Covered California Application. Because of this, it likely wrecked some of the settings where it made me ineligible for the ratepayer subsidy for December. Settings were disabled stating that I was not going to file taxes for the 2019 tax year, but I am not absurd not to give up 550 bucks pending as a tax refund either.

I met the requirements where you are supposed to report income changes within 10 days, but as soon as San Bernardino County messed with my file, my APTC got dumped. If I was firmly on Medi-Cal then yes, I can see why my APTC would be dumped, but I am not on Medi-Cal.  

I am wondering if I should not sign up for Medi-Cal unless I am unemployed for longer than a month in the future.

If services were more seamless, I could see if California could survive a single payer implementation, but California is not ready for prime time.