Better State Party Leadership Is Needed

In addition to being candidate for State Senate District 20, I also sit as member on the state, Los Angeles and San Bernardino County Parties as your nominee for 2018. I am concerned about our future prospects as a state party, the same trajectory is not going to cut it.

I agree we got a decent cash injection in the last five years, but in exchange for the cash injection we sold our soul where many Republicans and people who lean to vote in our party lost the enthusiasm for our candidates after being served statewide candidates that had little or no difference to the Democratic Party choices.

We have to be different because people will want the real thing instead of a pale imitation. We want candidates and office holders to stand up against the state Democrats instead of jumping in the pool with them. Voter registration and voter education will be necessary as soon as possible so we can help get the electorate to make change. 

I do have severe concerns for the chairman election next year. We need to make sure we do not repeat the mistakes of the Los Angeles County Party and bring those mistakes statewide. We need to be welcoming instead of excluding factions in our party. We are so small compared to a decade ago. The Los Angeles County Party told a Tea Party group and the local chapter of the Republican Liberty Caucus to get lost, but that is not going to help us grow the party. The best friends of the incoming appointed Vice Chairman  have problems that I do not want brought to the statewide party. We need to be open to having evangelicals, libertarians and non straight people in our party for us to have a future.

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