The State of the Campaign

Money is tight, Id rather have money for emergencies or an economic downturn in our nation/society. Two other guys decided to pull papers and pay the $1197, and the probability of having a three person pissing match for a race that No Republican has a prayer to win even if Fernando Valenzuela ran as a Republican.

I do thank the supporters of my 2014, 2018 and my 2022 attempt. Only way I might consider pulling the trigger IS if no one submits their paperwork by March 4th, I may submit the check on the 7th, get the paperwork on the 8th and submit my three signatures to be on the ballot.

If people seriously want to be part of races like this, they should be involved in their county Republican Party or other allied groups first to have a base of support so their campaign is not as difficult.

My focus on 2022 is to find long term employment, improve my health and have a better future.

Thank You

Standing Up for Health Freedom

Disclaimer: sharing this on Facebook may be a bad idea due to its censorship software, but you can send this as an email to a friend or a family member.

Bad legislation such as #AB1993 has frequently been passed in our state legislature. You have a chance to speak out to your state legislators such as the following:


Chris Holden (San Dimas/La Verne)

Blanca Rubio (El Monte/Baldwin Park/Covina/Azuza/Portion of West Covina)

Freddie Rodriguez (Chino/Ontario/Montclair/Pomona)

State Senate

Anthony Portiano (San Dimas/La Verne)

Susan Rubio El Monte/Baldwin Park/Covina/Azuza/Portion of West Covina

Josh Newman (Portion of West Covina)

Connie Leyva (Chino/Ontario/Montclair/Pomona)

With Omnicron variant the vaccine’s effectiveness has been reduced and the vaccine has been questioned for safety purposes due to a number of people getting heart and neurological issues. Many have taken the vaccine, including myself where I presently could go to any indoor concert in Los Angeles County. However people including the ones who have the required jabs would like to vaccinate on their own schedule not the schedule of government. I got the second jab in May 2021 and wanted to wait a year before getting the third.

Unfortunately the state and certain counties want us to get it NOW, but some of us are just rather cautious.

Some people have got adverse reactions to the covid-19 vaccine and a good number of state legislators could care less that one was previously injured and would rather have people risk more danger and possibility their lives. Just as how Senator Pan could care less if a child was injured by the childhood vaccination schedule and he and his pharmaceutical friends want the child and their parents to keep on trucking thru the mandates.

Construction Time Again

The campaign for 2022 is in motion. I have the majority of my nomination signatures taken care of. I just need to wrap up discussing my campaign with interest groups and supporters before I pay the filing fee.

Our opponent has not ran against a Republican in her first run in 2018. The Los Angeles County Party gave up on the district, but we should not give up on districts that do not lean our way. I am for the process of growing the Republican Party in challenging times so redistricting lines and our future as a state can improve in the next decade.

If we want a future where competitive districts happen we need spokespeople in these Democratic Party leaning communities to help tell people that they are not alone in their communities. We need to start from the bottom and get our way to the top like the Jeffersons on television. We must grow the future potential instead of just relying on the shrinking base we have right now.

I applaud the parents who are standing up for their children locally. However, we also need state legislative wins so we can override the school boards. We need good policies locally and in the state level at the same time.

I will be working on a podcast that would be short and to the point for this campaign when it becomes official. Focusing on a few current issues and a feedback corner from the community members of the district to ask a question or two.

I hope to attend some community gatherings and visit small businesses across the district to say hello and have some dialogue.

Political Energy Entering Into 2022

Political Energy Entering Into 2022

Education has become a hot button issue locally and nationally and we must understand the rules of engagement, so we make sure we expend our political energy in the most efficient way possible. Parents want our school districts to nullify state laws and mandates, but sadly that is out of bounds. Getting rid of a school board member is much easier than trying to get rid of Senator Josh Newman or Assembly Member Freddie Rodriguez as an example, but we also must remember not to throw out the baby with the bathwater either.

First, with school boards if school districts offer raunchy books with overt sexual themes, then yes, the books should be pulled. That is an issue that our school boards have jurisdiction on. Books also should be age appropriate, if a book is meant for high schoolers is placed in an elementary school site, then the book should be moved to the proper site as well.

If there are books that discuss sexual activities such as a how to guide, then it should be up to parents to check out the books upon parental request and then the books would be returned to the school site by the parent or guardian.

Schools in California by law are meant to allow for gender non-conforming youth to access the facilities of the gender they are meant to be, but in a way to be respectful of both communities there should be a clause about respect for other students. If a student of any gender or sexuality assaults a student, the school district should press charges against the student or students who may assault a student either if it was someone punched in a locker room or someone raping or abusing another student as how recently a school district in Virgina let a youth get away with their crimes.

The problem many parents fail to understand is many of these policies are introduced in the state legislature. We need to communicate to individuals who are No Party Preference who are of the age that raise school children (22-60) about the garbage that politicians such as Senator Connie Leyva endorses. There are not enough Republicans to win elections, we must expand our coalitions. We must start messaging to the public about why the policies of our local elected officials in the Democratic Party disappoint people.

We must unseat state legislators for us to restore back our sovereignty.

Supply Chain Issues In Our State

California and the nation do deserve better. The misguided policies from our Democratic Party politicians are the reason why the Pacific Ocean has a sea of cargo ships waiting to dock at our ports. We need to repeal AB 5 which makes independent contractors who traditionally helped deliver cargo from the ports redundant. Legislators such as Assemblyman Freddie Rodriguez (D-Pomona) and Senator Connie Leyva (D-Chino) voted for this.

Opening the ports 24/7 is not going to solve the issue, we need truckers to help deliver the products. If we do not have the truckers, the ports will still be clogged. Our ports and the unionized longshore people will suffer when companies move the freight to the east coast. We need AB 5 repealed.

If we want to help working families and stop the inflation crisis of 2021, we need action in 2022. Call your Democratic Party legislators today.

Bad California Legislation

I understand we all want the Covid-19 situation to be resolved, but Sacramento is going to make the situation even worse. AB 455 is going to ask people to show their vaccination proof to utilize non-food and non-religious services and AB 1102 is about mandating people to be vaccinated to be employed.

These bills were not there from the beginning, they were carved out of other pieces of legislation at the last minute. Even though I am vaccinated, my health issues should be none of the business of our government, our employers and store clerks. I should decide when I want a covid-19 booster on my terms, not on state or federal terms.

The big concern I see is 60% of African Americans are not vaccinated and older people like my father are not going to carry a smart phone to show proof of vaccination which will cause issues.

Call and write your state legislators ASAP!

Facebook is a Rigged Game

If your not to the left of Kamala Harris, expect to get Facebook demerits and be sent to the Facebook gulag once or twice a year. Facebook is not a worthy company for Republican Party supporters to patronize because our time spent there is actually being used against us.

Now is the time to start using programs such as Telegram and Signal for communication instead of Facebook Messenger or WhatsApp.

Parler may not be perfect, but I may come back there. People need to consider other options and help decrease Zuck’s power.