The State of the Campaign

Money is tight, Id rather have money for emergencies or an economic downturn in our nation/society. Two other guys decided to pull papers and pay the $1197, and the probability of having a three person pissing match for a race that No Republican has a prayer to win even if Fernando Valenzuela ran as a Republican.

I do thank the supporters of my 2014, 2018 and my 2022 attempt. Only way I might consider pulling the trigger IS if no one submits their paperwork by March 4th, I may submit the check on the 7th, get the paperwork on the 8th and submit my three signatures to be on the ballot.

If people seriously want to be part of races like this, they should be involved in their county Republican Party or other allied groups first to have a base of support so their campaign is not as difficult.

My focus on 2022 is to find long term employment, improve my health and have a better future.

Thank You