Election 2022 Update

We deserve a choice, not an echo.

It may sound delightful that our incumbent Connie Leyva is going to be challenged by Susan Rubio. However, they vote the same way most of the time where you are mainly going to vote on personality alone where if you see videos of Connie speaking to people testifying in her committee, she is rude. Perhaps we need to frontload the primary where Connie and Susan will have to fight for their lives like two drag queens having to lip sync to win a trophy because the Republican base will likely be bigger to secure one of the two spots in a Top Two.

Susan Rubio and Connie Leyva vote for garbage like SB 300 to remove the felony murder special circumstances provision. Both believe your teenager should have sovereignty over parents on medical decisions with AB 1184. Rubio and Leyva do not deserve to be protected until the General Election. It is time for both to lip sync for their lives in the June Primary because one will indeed be booted if a Republican files.  

I am deciding on the options for Election 2022. If papers are pulled, I would like to see a signature or two from friends and family in the district.

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