Calling All California Republican Party Delegates for Support

I am one of the authors of a bylaw proposal (#4) in the Rules Committee of the California State Republican Party and I would like the support of the membership if the Rules Committee does not pass it directly. My reasoning for this bylaw proposal is that we need to stop removing endorsements at the dead of night from candidates our current chair finds unworthy because they are perceived to be likely opponents of her administration.

2020 was an ugly cycle for the state party where two endorsements were yanked, and several others had the potential to be yanked. The yanking of Ted Howze and Mike Cargile were done with little to no notice of the membership of the state party or the county parties that compromise the districts of those candidates. We lost the opportunity for capturing one of the congressional districts with Ted Howze because party leadership felt that appeasing leftist pressure group Media Matters was more valuable than winning elections.

Candidates give their time and money to put their name up for election in these races, if we end up discounting these individuals, we will end up likely seeing more districts uncontested where we will end up living in a uni-party where you either want Assembly member James Ramos centrism or Assembly member Alex Lee’s progressive dystopia.

As someone who lives in the district of one of the yanked candidates and happen to be a county party committee member in addition to a state delegate, I was blindsided not knowing firsthand what was going on. The leftists were laughing at the controversy the Board of Directors created with the campaigns when committee members were kept in the dark.

If we want to play yank the endorsement, then we need a basic code of conduct for candidates before attaining said endorsement for the 2022 cycle which could be generated during the 2021 Fall convention, so we do not get our endorsements yanked for some arbitrary reason.  However, if this practice continues in 2022, we need a process of transparency and due process for the candidates and the county party organizations that compromise the districts.

There needs to be an opportunity for affected candidates to testify or submit a statement to the board, there needs to be disclosure of the verdict to the county parties involved in the affected districts. Mike Cargile for example only found out his endorsement was yanked days after. We need transparency, without transparency there will be angry members of county parties wondering why their candidates got yanked.

I urge your support for Bylaw Proposal 4.