Fixing the Elections Process in our Nation

Face it we do have big problems in how we conduct elections in the United States. I am here to come up with some ideas in how to improve integrity in our elections. Legitimacy of our elections leads to legitimacy of our government. The goal is to suggest some policy proposals to reduce fraud and make elections work better for the people. I am going to mention some policy suggestions in how to improve elections and the other article will talk about my ideal elections system to help conduct voting.

The reality is that all elections are not non-partisan. There are factions and parties that have an inherent interest in elections from city council to county supervisor. I would like to suggest that any executive member of the county and state elections departments should be prohibited from donating 50 dollars or more to any local or state candidate in their jurisdiction.

All donations from elections office leadership should be disclosed. Any credit cards and bank accounts from spouse or employee are subject to audit. Any undisclosed political donation can lead to termination and a 5000 dollar fine.

Ballots should NOT be counted or received at the cloak of darkness. If the receipt and counting of ballots is not happening during public viewing or observation, they should be not valid to be counted or received.

We also need to make sure that the postal service has accountability. A congressman did try to establish penalties for backdating postmarks on ballots illegal, but the Democratic Party blocked his amendment. Congressman Massie did sense what type of games would likely be played in the 2020 election and it did happen. Perhaps we need to make the deadline for mail ballots earlier. Encourage people in 2022 and beyond to mail their ballots by October 31st to be in by November 8th, 2022.  Ballots should not be accepted after the closed of polling time on Election Day. We need a nationwide prohibition of accepting mail in ballots after Election Day.

Same Day registration should be prohibited, it only leads to more confusion at the election office. The earliest deadline permissible should be 14 days prior to an election. To prevent ballots from being thrown into the mix to stuff the ballot box, we need strict accountability in how many ballots are printed.

 States who want to do permanent vote by mail should only be allowed if they prune the voter rolls for dead people and people who moved.

Polling places that block observers should fine the polling place supervisor 5x their stipend for the day working and each polling place worker to forfeit 1.25x their stipend. In places with infamous corruption such as Philadelphia and Detroit we should have disinterested staff to count the votes so we can have some neutrality. Get National Guard troops to count the votes with observers from the county and the major political parties.

We could likely write a book on how to make ideal best practices. However my next essay will talk about my ideal elections technology best practices.

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