Cancel Culture (song parody)

Cancel Culture By: Matthew Munson

Parody of DJ Culture by the PSB

With apologies to Neil Tennant and Chris Lowe

Imagine a time which everyone feared

Expressing one’s views without getting gored

Ideas without censorship, one strives to believe

Desperately, wanting to understand

Thoughts that need to be said or simply silent

A worry about our new reality, do you see?

Or are we in denial? (Cancel Culture)

Be silent with me (Cancel Culture)

Let’s try to understand Living in our new reality

Waiting for our free speech to end

Cancel Culture Cancel Culture

Let’s pretend that we have free speech

Like a job that is lost because someone got triggered, twelve years ago

Nothing is sacred, it’s hard to deny

Or otherwise for a fight for our jobs

I’ve been around Facebook, Twitter and Reddit for several years

I’ve seen what thoughts were given the axe

And I may ask are you triggered?

Now if I may ask About those forbidden thoughts

No idea too controversial, No thought without merit

Consider your privilege for who you are

For who you are and what you may be

A safe space desired (a desire without blood)

A dream without being challenged

Like J.K quoting biology, Chicken sandwich vendors quoting theology

Suddenly you are in the media and then you are crucified

Wondering where is your job (Canceled)

Cancel Culture, and I ask the woke (Cancel Culture)

Do I need to submit?

Living in a fantasy world

Waiting for our free speech to end