A New Campaign Awaits

Because Republican candidates sadly fare not as well in our neighborhood districts such as Assembly District 47 and 52, Senate District 20 and Congressional District 35 automatically get a Democratic Party winner. It is up to grass roots activists fed up of the policies of the incumbents and the Democratic Party to take hold for the next political season.

Right now I am exploring the possibility of running for state legislature again. I am here to spread ideas and be your voice when our incumbents do not want to hear Conservative, Libertarian and Republican Party ideas in front of their faces.

The goals for the campaign is to finally have a paid for ballot statement, a better get out the vote effort and express our ideas to our friends and families.

I also happen to be your representative on the county and state Republican Party committees as well.

If Democrats like Dog and Donkey shows at their events, we sadly have to use elections as our voice to express our views in the next election. We have to use our campaigns as a way to express what we want to say. The electeds may say they can always call our office, but they are going to vote the way Kevin De Leon, Anthony Rendon and Nancy Pelosi want despite the failures their policies have done.

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